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Web front end developer

  • Number10
  • WorkplaceChangsha City
  • DealNegotiable
  • Release Date2012-07-16
  • ValidityNo limit


Main work contents:Responsible for MetInfo enterprise website management system front desk function design, user experience improvement and Web interface technology optimization.

Job requirements:

  1. Familiar with JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery and other front-end development scripting skills;

  2. Proficient in HTML/XHTML, CSS, be able to quickly hand written CSS code, familiar with the page architecture and layout.

  3. Familiar with the Web website and Web application usability and user analysis methods, in-depth understanding of product flow, user experience and user needs, to enhance the user experience has a certain experience and knowledge.

  4. Strong interest in the development of Web technology, have a good learning ability and a strong sense of initiative, willing to work with the company to develop.

  5. Able to track the latest WEB front end design, understand the PHP basic language is preferred.