Brand interpretation



Soil - the meaning of strength

Tender form from the soil, four together into a solid foundation to ensure the sound development of hengtai.

Earth: a global perspective
To the earth as a core element, through a full three-dimensional shape deep convey the Hengtai Haina rivers, greatness lies in the cultural philosophy.

Power - the power to hold tightly
Hengtai brings together all elite talent and technical strength.

Integrity - complete product
To embody the characteristics of diverse application areas and the integrity of the Hengtai products.

Logo Interpretation

  Logo to soil gave birth to the buds of modeling for the design ideas, to earth as the core elements, by the Quartet together, through a full three-dimensional shape deep convey the Hengtai "Haina rivers, greatness lies in the capacity" of the cultural philosophy. Also reflects the Hengtai gathering all the elite talents and technical strength, sink style also reflects the Hengtai products of diversified applications and characteristics.
  Identifies the overall design into the strength of the meaning, global vision, grip strength, complete products, highlighting the Hengtai the overall strength of the perfect show.



Logo standard gradient color

C10 M0 Y100 K0
R88 G89 B91

C80 M0 Y100 K0
R10 G177 B75

C100 M0 Y80 K0
R1 G77 B162

Standard color analysis

  Yellow is the youth, vigor, lightness and soft, make people feel warm and lively. We usually see the sun and some ripe fruits are often yellow, is easy to be accepted by the people of nature. Yellow is also a symbol of prosperity. It represents the hope, the eternal, the sun, the strength, the wisdom and the brilliance.
  Blue is a symbol of purity and eternity. On behalf of science and technology, broad, efficient, accurate and steady characteristics.
  Green has fresh, energetic and lightness downy, make people feel warm and lively, is easily accepted by people of colour in nature. Green is also a symbol of hope, it represents the new, eternal, sunshine, comfort, strength and wisdom.
  With the main color according to the characteristics of the new Hengtai product soft comfortable, thermal insulation, environmental protection etc..